Hard Drive Inspector

Hard Drive Inspector

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Ioana Dumitrescu Senior editor

This review applies to version 4.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Hard Drive Inspector is an application which monitors your hard disk and warns you whether it doesn't function as expected.

The interface is attractive and user-friendly; one glance at the main window is enough to understand the purpose of such a program and the way to use it.
First of all, the tool gives you information regarding the number of hard drives installed on your computer; then, it reveals the disk model, its capacity, the free space left, and the most important information of all... how much time passed since its first run.

Another impressive feature regards the capacity of this utility to inform you about the temperature, the health, the performance, and the possible errors your HDD might present. If you are not satisfied with these basic information, you can check some advanced technical data which are intended for more experienced users. They will be provided with a detailed view upon the hard disks’ status and condition.

Besides the ability to inspect and describe various aspects of the drives' performance and reliability, the strength of this tool lies in its ability to release warning signals when the HDD shows abnormalities or whether there is a risk of data loss. Thus, for situations when the hard disk's temperature exceeds a critical threshold, you can enable the program to play a sound, to issue a visual warning, to send a network or an email message, or even to put the computer in a sleep mode. You can activate the same prevention methods when it comes to imminent drive errors. What's more, you can enable a secondary program to prevent the crash and eventually, to save data from the invalid disk.

In my opinion, Hard Drive Inspector is a reliable tool for all those people who use their computers intensively and happen to perform consecutive activities which put the HDD under pressure. Yet, I would have liked the program to provide an option for entering the computer in a stand by mode till the parameters reach normal levels of performance. Once the critical values are surpassed, I would expect the system to wake up without my physical intervention and resume the activities left over.


  • Multilingual and user-friendly interface.
  • Checks the health of your HDD.
  • Releases warning signals when critical values are surpassed.
  • Monitors the drives' activity.


  • A bit pricy, taking into account the existence of similar products for free.
  • No system wake up option when HDD temperature cools down.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 2.7 MB

What's new in version 4.2

- support for LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 external drives

Publisher's description

Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly lost all the data from your computer. Documents, e-mails, addresses, accounts. Passwords, photos, music, and video. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what will happen when your hard drive crashes. Hard drive is a computer part which stores all your information. It has constantly rotating mechanical parts and therefore suffers from wear and tear. Because of that it can break down any moment without prior notice leaving you with ashes, naked.

Sure, a hard drive is just a piece of metal and easy to replace. But can you as easily restore its unique contents reflecting years of your life and work? Prevention is better and much cheaper than cure. Use Hard Drive Inspector which will continually check hard drive health and warn you in case of danger. This reduces your chances of shocking “surprise”.

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    Sandeep Onkar 4 years ago

    No.1 Software to take care of HDD of your notebook/PC.....